Worldwide Literary Services for Authors, Agencies, and Publishers.

The Linwood Messina Literary Agency, established in March 2015, is an all-purpose boutique agency based in Paris deftly representing the needs of authors, publishers and agencies in domestic and international publishing, as well as film and television.  Based in the heart of Europe, we can sell translation rights on behalf of our clients anywhere around the world or into any combination of territories according to their needs.

Gregory Messina, originally from New York State, graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 1996. He first worked at Curtis Brown, Ltd. in New York where he sold the film rights for the agency’s children’s and YA books. Gregory next spent five years in Los Angeles working at a talent agency, a production company, and then a major studio. He has lived in Paris since 2004 and spent nearly 10 years selling translation and other subsidiary rights first for Editions Robert Laffont and then for Place des éditeurs.

  • Authors

    The agency represents both French and English language authors, and occasionally other European authors, working closely to find the best publishers for their books in both their original languages as well as in translation around the world.


  • Agencies

    We act as co-agents to other agencies selling translation rights on their behalf into any territories for which they require our services whether it be the world, a select grouping of countries, or simply France.


  • Row of Old Books


    The agency works with French publishers to help them sell whatever subsidiary rights they want sold whether it be translation, paperback, book club, film or any other rights.  We also represent English (and other) language publishers to sell their rights into any combination of territories needed.


  • film

    Film and TV

    In addition to selling the film and television rights on behalf of our French publishing clients, and our authors, the agency represents some of the most prestigious English language agencies, selling the film rights to their books into the French film and TV market.